How to Disable Scroll Overlay on Webpages

As a example I have choose Simply Wall St. which is a platform for stocks info and visualizing stock data. 

Simply Wall St. is a FinTech start-up based out of Australia that has already built a strong initial following of 13,000 users around the world and continues to grow quickly.

It is subscription based service and when you reach it without subscription you will see subscription overlay when you scroll down on the stock detail page. This is similar for many other webpages.

As this modal displays on scroll event it is quite easy to stop it from showing.

Disabling the overlay

With code below pasted to the developer console you basically stop all scroll event to be fired and you can freely scroll through the web page.

window.addEventListener('scroll', function(event) {
}, true);


Informations provided are only for educational purposes and in any case doesn’t encourage you to bypass paying for this service.

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