Hacking ryanair random seat allocation

Random seat allocation Ryanair

I’m big fan of Ryanair. They are the ultimate europe public transport in the air. But in my opinion the random seat allocation is a hassle.


Wait with the online check-in as long as possible.

How does it work

The algorithms they could use are quite limited. There is one ultimate condition that drives this whole process. They want as mach paying customers as possible. This has two limitations, they want to “randomly” give you the most shitty seat as possible and in the same time – offer you the best seats in the plane. These are the ones next to the window and seats next to your companions. To be able to offer you these seats they have to be careful with “random” allocation, they have to keep some “good” seats not allocated. That means if you wait with your check-in as long as possible you will be probably given the “good” seats, just because all the shitty ones have been already given to people before you. And if you get seat in almost free row, you can tell your partner to join you after the departure or just enjoy the free space next to you.

I have already tested it in 4 really crowded flights and every time the seat next to me was free. There is still big chance that the plane will be almost full or you will be just not lucky enough.

Now when you know how to get the best seats: “Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.”

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