Google Calendar Mark Task as Done


I like to use all day events as a TODO list for particular day. I know there is but I just can’t get used to it and this is more convenient for me. I would like to strike-through the text, but that isn’t quite possible in Google Calendar so I came up with this emoji solution, that worked for me.

How does it work

You can select emoji and copy paste it in task name, but that’s quite complicate and if you have more tasks than one it’s also time consuming.  So I wondered if can help me and guess what, it can. So here is what we are going to create.


  1. Open “” , which is installed on you mac by default.
  2. Then you click File -> New or with keyboard shortcut ⌘N.
  3. Choose Quick Action as a type for your document.
  4. Select Workflow recieve current: text
  5. Check checkbox Output replaces selected text
  6. Now under Library -> Utilities double click or drag from left pane Run JavaScript.
  7. Write following one line of code as is below:

Automator - Google Calendar Mark Task as Done in Context Menu

  1. Now click File- > Save or ⌘S

And you should be good. Now when you select text and right-click it you should see “Mark as done” in context menu.

Google Mark Task as Done in Context Menu


If you struggle to do it yourself, or you are lazy you can download it easily here:


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