Convert HEIC to JPG with Mac OS X Right-Click Integration

HEIC to JPG on right click in mac OS X context menu

In iOS 11 Apple is replacing the JPEG image format with the new HEIC alternative. But what to do when device or program doesn’t support HEIC?


Want to have option to convert HEIC to JPG in context menu? You can create automator app yourself in Automator, or you can proceed right to the download. (Only for Mac OS X)


Create this “app” is super easy. Follow these 8 steps and it will take you about 1 min. And the output is just superb.

  1. Open Automator App
  2. In “Choose a type for your document” select “Service”
  3. In the top bar “Service receive selected” choose “Images”
  4. Drag and drop from left pane “Photos -> Change Type of Images” to the area on the right
  5. In the pop-up warning select “don’t add”
  6. Choose desired format in this example it is JPEG
  7. Save or export it
  8. Double click for install and you are done



You can download final product here, but remember to bypass not signed app in Security & Privacy tab in Preferences when nothing happens.

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