Algo-Trading Cryptocurrency – Practical Guide


Few months ago I have started playing with bitcoin. I’m not much a fun of crypto currencies, because I think the fundament behind it is pure devil. But I must admit, in long-term, it will became more and more important to have decentralised system. The reason I have changed my mind is my recent experience with international payments. When you run global business all the fees you have to pay to get money from one part of the world to the another are just stupid. The stupidest is Paypal. And when you want to transfer small amount you will have fees like 50%. Much more fair seems to me Revolut. But you know what? Thay can change it any time. The same way google does it – make it free and when you exterminate competition slowly add fees.

Because I have previous experience with algo-trading FOREX, I was curious how difficult it is, to build automated trading system with Coinbase Pro. And when I saw the API, I was just amazed how easy it is, compared to my previous experience with Interactive Active Brokers API. And this is the reason, why I have started this project, that aims to create webapp to control automated trading strategies.


I will document my progress in this articles:

  1. Algo-trading Cryptocurrency – Research/Backtesting
  2. Algo-trading Cryptocurrency – Client/Ordes Execution
  3. Algo-trading Cryptocurrency – Summary [TBD]


You can also follow my progress in this repository, where also all the source code will take place.

Free Bitcoin

If you are new to crypto currencies you can setup you account at Coinbase and get some free satoshi using this link: and also support my struggle (I will get some satoshi also)


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