Right-Click to Translate (Look Up) with Google Translator On Mac OS X

If you are not native english speaker, you may be frustrated with default “look up” options you get after selecting a text and right clicking. There are multiple dictionaries, wikipedia and news but your language is not listed. What a pitty. Fortunately there is other option. Add your own service action script! And moreover you can accomplish it with one line of code! Or if you are lazy, you can download this action script (CZ/DE/ES/IT/FR/PL/RU)  macosx-context-menu-translator.

Here are two screenshots what it’s look like:

New Google Translator Menu in Hgh Sierra

And this is what you get when you click Google Translator:

Fig 2.: Google Translator Tooltip

Fig 2.: Google Translator Tooltip

All you have to do is open “Automator.app” , which is instaled on you mac by default. Then you go File -> New or with keyboard shortcut ⌘N. You should see window with options to choose a type for your document. Choose Service (Quick Action). Now under Library -> Utilities double click or drag  Run JavaScript. And here write your one line of code.  Just change “en/cs/” in url to language you want to have as default. My native language is Czech so I have en/cs there .

Next under Library -> Internet select or drag Website Popup. You can adjust size of the window to fit your needs. And that’s it.

Fig 3.: Automator Window With Javascript Code

Fig 3.: Automator Window With Javascript Code


If you struggle to do it yourself, or you are lazy you can download it easily here:


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