Ligature Icon Font

What is ligature? Ligature is connection of two or more following letters. Let’s say you have word where two letters are almost touching like fi. When you have font which have ligatures it automatically replace this two letter with corresponding symbol. Below is example of f following i.

With this possibility it’s easy to achieve replacing predefined words to icons as easy as:

Which will produce these linked home icons:

home face build fingerprint

You can try it just by typing “home, face, build” or any other font ligature in belows form:

Why should you care about? Here are few benefits you get by using ligature icon font:

  • Search engines are confronted with the same. They read text, not icons.
  • Visitors who use a text-to-speech service can actually “read” your icons
  • HTML code is much more cleaner for read/write

Exciting right? So where can you get these fonts full of awesomeness? From budget like solutions you can grab one from Google Material which was used for “symbols”  in form above, Free Liga Font (490 icons),  or Ligature Symbols. From paid is there Symbolset (from $5 to $60 per theme set).

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