How to Setup Android Development Environment on Mac Easily

Android Development Environment on Mac Setup

How to easily setup an Android development environment on a Mac? Recently I was following Cordova Android Platform Guide and I was overwhelmed with things you have to setup. You have to install the right Java Development Kit (JDK), Gradle, Android SDK, Platform SDK, SDK build-tools, Support Repository and Setup environmental variables. And there are some version conflicts so you can spend week installing environment. I have tried the hard way and I have found the easy way. So what are your options?

You have 3 options

  1. Install it on your own — you can use this tutorial [Hard way]
  2. Install Android Studio — it will setup almost everything for you [Easy way]
  3. Install Android Studio and then delete it — it will setup almost everything and you can then get rid of Android Studio [Option #1 done easy]


Why I have mentioned option #3? Because I was struggling with the first option for several hour (I use IntelliJ IDEA nad I just didn’t wont to install another IDE). In the end I have installed Android Studio, because the first option was just no go for me. Android Studio setups emulator, gradle build, … and then you just delete it (I has almost 2Gb). Bingo, Android development environment is setup and Android Studio is gone.



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